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Social Media Guide

On Thursday March 22nd, Kaly threw an event for some of their customers that included lots of shopping and amazing food, but the main purpose of the event was to demonstrate how our customers can interact with all of Kaly’s social media accounts.

It’s 2018, and we all know how important and useful social media is. In fact, some colleges even offer it as a major now! It makes life easier to promote discounts, showcase the inventory, and learn more about our customers through Facebook and Instagram!

When our customers interact with Kaly’s pages, we learn what types of posts you want more of and the posts that you could do without. Sharing things we post on Facebook is one of the most important aspects of this. When you share the content we are putting out there, it only helps Kaly to grow and prosper.

With that being said, our interns, Amanda and Zoe, created a social media guide that Kaly thought would be extremely useful for our customers to learn how to interact with our social media accounts. The guide outlines how to post to both Facebook and Instagram and what specific aspects to include in your post so that Kaly can see your pictures and interact with you. It also doubles as a promotion for the store and our products, which is something we all here at Kaly appreciate so much!

The social media guide is designed to show our customers how to post to Facebook and Instagram and include specific parts to showcase Kaly in particular. Both Facebook and Instagram are used by businesses to promote their products and interact with their customers, but there are slight differences in how you manage your posts.

The biggest tip to interact with Kaly on Facebook is to check-in whenever you are in the store! It is super quick and super easy! It shows your Facebook friends where you like to shop and you can even post a picture of what you bought that day! When posting a picture from inside the store, you can add your location as ‘Kaly Clothing’ and be sure to tag @kalyclothing in the caption! If you do this while shopping in-store and show one of our employees, you also get 15% off your next purchase!

Instagram is great for interacting with Kaly and promoting the store because you are able to incorporate hashtags and tag other popular Instagram accounts in your picture! When posting a picture of the store, inside the store, or a product you love be sure to tag your location as ‘West Chester, Pennsylvania’. By doing so you increase the probability of someone seeing your picture and finding the store!

When making the caption, be sure use hashtags! Some of the hashtags we like to use are #kalyclothing #kalygirls #shopsmallwc and #westchesterpa. All of these are common hashtags which help to promote the store and place your picture with others from the area, which is so much fun to checkout! Lastly, when tagging the picture, tag @kalyclothing, @westchesterviews, @shopsmallwc, and @downtownwestchesterpa.

All of these accounts that you tag in the picture are accounts that Kaly loves to interact with! They love seeing your pictures of small businesses and the town also! Again, when you post to Instagram and show one of our employees, you will receive 15% off your next purchase.

As a boutique that focuses on implementing as much fair trade, handmade, and locally made products as possible; we believe that getting our name out there and telling the people of West Chester and beyond about what makes us different is so important and by interacting with Kaly on social media, you can help us spread the word.

Our printed social media guides are available in Kaly if you are interested in learning more about the in’s and out’s of posting to Instagram and Facebook! We would love for our customers to interact with us and show us how much they love their products through social media!

We appreciate all of your business throughout the years and hope to see some pictures of your favorite Kaly products on Facebook and Instagram soon! Be sure to ‘like’ Kaly Clothing on Facebook and follow @kalyclothing on Instagram. Follow our social media guide for your next post!

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