My Top 4 Tips for Vacation Packing

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My Top 4 Tips for Vacation Planning/Packing

Do you have an upcoming vacation planned or are you simply thinking and dreaming of warm weather like most of us?

For those of you looking down at an empty suitcase and wondering what to pack, I just returned from a great week-long trip to the Dominican Republic. It was wonderful and much appreciated by me and by my family. What I want to share are some of my thoughts from my own trip regarding vacation packing. Plus, I have heard alot of great feedback straight from your mouths regarding your own packing tips. Also, we got a ton of great (read: perfect for travel) pieces in the store while I was away. I really could have used a few of these pieces myself for reason #2 below.

Well, here they are! Hoping that this advice helps you!

1) Take some time to really think thru what type of vacation you are going on and what you will be doing. I know that it can be super crazy leading up to a vacation. You are trying to wrap up stuff at work, pack for kids (or not so little kids) and a million more tasks. Please don't just think about what the weather will be like and throw in a bunch of stuff. The weather is important but ask yourself these questions too and it will truly make your packing simpler. 

  • Where am I going? ex: am I going to be relaxing by a beach or pool most of the time?
  • Am I going on any excursions that require some tougher active wear?
  • How many meals will be eaten out? How fancy?

2) Take your outfits up a notch. If you are anything like me, you tend to pack a bit too casual. Comfort is always my number #1 priority but it is a good idea to up  your game on a few of your outfits. Trust me, you will want a few nicer, planned outfits for the dinners out or that great excursion where you know you will be taking tons of family photos. 

3) Get a few new pieces to bring with you. I know you are thinking, 'She owns a clothing boutique so of course she will recommend this'. Well, after many 'fails' at packing myself and many years of helping others pack for vacation, I definitely will stand by this advice. My experience is that once you get to your destination, your old favorites tend to look, well, old. Somehow they look a bit different (read: not so nice) in a new environment...not sure why. Plus, it is quite a luxury to have a few new pieces that you are excited to wear, that look new and great and will amp up your existing wardrobe. 

4) Lastly, think about how you want to show your personality on vacation. This will be truly subjective for everyone. True story, I watched an Instagram influencers' story before I left and she advised wearing a statement earring with your bathing suit to 'up' the look. This is something I will never do. I love a big earring but I also love to swim and am not going to take earrings on and off all day. Perhaps you like to rock a statement earring, a great hat or a fabulous pair of shoes. Just make sure that you pack exactly what you want and that makes you - You!!!!

Now go have some fun for me!


PS: Here are some new arrivals!:)


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