KALY Closet Cleanse Challenge

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KALY Closet Cleanse Challenge

You are stuck in your house right? Same!

Join us on a Kaly closet cleanse challenge and we will reward you with a $25 Kaly Gift certificate you can use online now or later once we reopen. We have 3 easy steps for you to follow to make this as painless and fun as possible.
Just send us a picture (and your email)  on Facebook, Instagram or via email of your piles to donate and we will send your gift certificate via email!


A couple of suggestions before you start: 

·        Clear off your bed, have 2 to 3 boxes/bags ready to put the items you want to sell, donate, or trash/recycle.  

·        Put on music, have liquids available (wine/water/whatever). Have a friends number handy so you can Facetime and she can talk you thru a tough decision or critique an outfit you aren't sure about). 

·        Have Fun - You are going to feel so good once this is done, re-energized, lighter, and better able to make buying decisions in the future.

3 Easy Steps to a ‘Cleansed’ Closet

  1. Assess Your Closet

Take a good look at your closet and realize that you wear a small fraction of what is in there. Believe me, when you purge a good portion of your clothing, you will be amazed at all the choices you have. You will wear more of what is left.
Tackle your clothing by category. Start with tops and pull ALL of them out of the closet and drawers. I like to do an initial purge while doing this and I sort the pieces that I already absolutely know that I don't like anymore/don't wear/don't fit. Get rid of this right away!
Make a pile (it will be a big pile!) on your bed of what is left. Take some time to self-reflect on the sheer quantity of clothing you still have. 


  1. Make Decisions

Follow the Marie Kondo Method and pick up and hold EACH item of clothing. Decide whether you love it or not (try it on if you need to). If the answer is 'yes', put it in the 'keep' pile. If it is 'no', decide whether to sell, donate or recycle the item. Take your time with this. Put together outfits if you want. Be decisive! Ask yourself "Have I worn this in the past 6 months?", "Where will I wear this?" "Why have I hung onto this?".
Remember to have garbage bags and boxes ready and immediately put the items in that receptacle as you make decisions. 
Ensure that you donate/take to recycling quickly so you aren't tempted to go back thru these boxes/bags. 


  1. Assess What is Left/Organize/Go Shopping

Organize and put everything back in your closet. I like my clothing by category and then by color but it’s your choice. Assess what you are keeping and any gaps that you would like to fill in your wardrobe. Perhaps you noticed a certain type of top or bottom that you constantly buy but never wear. Make notes and keep a shopping list as you go.
Ask yourself: 
What spring styles and trends are you interested in?
What colors do you love and don't have enough of?
Do you have a million tops but no good bottoms to wear with it all?
Do you need new white tees to complete some outfits?
Go out and get what you truly need and want!!!!


I recommend a good closet cleanse 2x’s per year because if you have a schedule, you will stick to it. Maybe you do it in January and then again in August. Just an idea but get in a rhythm of purging to keep your closet fresh and to get the most out of what you have. Remember to ‘shop’ your closet. You never know what you will find😊.

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