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According to the World Trade Organization, Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. This basically means that these items are produced ethically, in better conditions than normal.  Fair trade symbolizes justice and change, and contributes positively to the fights we struggle with as a society everyday: poverty, climate change and the economy. It guarantees fair terms of trade and fair prices, supports and encourages workplace democracy and co-operatives and enables people in poorer countries to take more control over their lives. 

At Kaly, ethically made products are important to us, which is why we recently purchased a lot of new Fair Trade items for the store at the past New York Gift Show.

We’ve been carrying great Fair Trade brands like Beyond Borders (handmade recycled metalwork from Haiti), Mata Traders (ethical fashions from India and Nepal), Culturas (Mexican folk art animals made from recycled metals) and Manos Zapotecas (Beautifully hand woven handbags created in Oacaca, Mexico) for quite some time now, and we just added a bunch of new fair trade lines to the Kaly collection that are coming this spring. Here are a few of them:

Malia Design’s mission is to increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia and to support organizations that fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Malia sells products like handbags and accessories. At Kaly, we offer their beautiful eco- friendly handbags.

Melange offers fair trade hand knit gifts, stuffed animals and ornaments.

Handmade in Nepal, Pashom supports women to become self sufficient and reach their full potential. The artisans at Pashom work in a happy, fair and dignified environment from 9am to 5pm where they are paid fairly and receive sick time and personal time. They also receive a yearly bonus. Pashom allows mothers with young children to work from home. The brand donates a percentage of their profits to the continuing education of the artisan’s children. At Kaly, we sell Pashom’s wonderful children’s toys.

Seastra, which stands for South Eastern Trade Company, offers handcrafted ethically sourced scarves, wine bags and totes.

Marquette offers beautiful handmade bracelets from many different artists, ranging from Thailand to Vietnam.

Balzaar is another brand we sell. They offer climbers and post earrings deriving from the Western world, from places like Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India and Turkey.

At Kaly, one of our missions is to make fair trade items accessible to the community. We hope that you’ll agree with us and support these amazing artisits, and we invite you to check out these amazing new brands we carry.

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